Expert Agent Web Powering

Expert Agent Property Powering

Expert Agent’s standard property powering is available for integration into 3rd party designed websites and allows information that you have entered into Expert Agent to be displayed on your website. This is instantly fed from our database, styled to our default appearance, and includes features such as Register, Request a Viewing, and Email a Friend.

( if you order one of our Pre-Design websites this is included as part of the package. )

We have the following iFrame options available:

Our standard ‘out of the box’ iFrame web powering looks like this:{ee559dbc-ec83-496b-889a-76c473a8d246}

Our standard option uses ‘iframes’ to display your property data in the website. It is quick and easy to integrate as everything resides on our servers.

We can apply some free basic styling to this, such as changing the navigation bar colour and resizing it to fit your website. Anything beyond this will fall into our ‘Custom Web Powering’ package.

Web Powering Codes

*Our standard web powering requires a minimum width of 760 pixels.

XML Feed

We have an xml data feed available for customers who would like to pull their properties into a 3rd party designed website.

If you would like to view our sample xml feed or would like to have your own set up please log a ticket with our Support department and they will be able to create this for you.

The XML file is made available on our ftp server at regular intervals.