Website Content & Process


What happens next?

Once the order has been confirmed by our Sales team it will be placed in our pipeline, and you will be provided with an estimated start date. This is the earliest date the project will commence, rather than when the website will be complete, and providing we have received all required content from you.

Our Design department will be in contact with you at this time to obtain the required information, and answer any questions. Contact is limited prior to this as they are busy working towards your project 🙂

In the meantime there is lots you can do. Please work through the following steps to gather the required information and content:

1. Choose Your Preferred Design

We have a collection of 10 pre-design website designs available for you to choose from. These will be styled to match your branding, content, and chosen pages.

Please choose one of the following as your preferred layout:

Theme R1


Theme R2

Theme R2

Theme R3

Theme R3

Theme R4

Theme R4

Theme R5

Theme R5

Theme R6

Theme R6

Theme R7


Theme R8


Theme R9


Theme R10

Theme R10

If you would like to see some of our live customer examples please visit our portfolio here.

* Please note, the website will follow the above chosen ‘Baxters’ demo. Customers will have paid for extras on their own websites. Once the website has been setup it is not possible to change to a different layout, without incurring a charge. Therefore please give plenty of thought towards your preferred design.

All designs have the same property functionality so think about which website design will best suit your logo, and which best meets your requirements. Please note the property layout will remain the same as per your chosen theme. We cannot mix and match.

* Web pages are capped at 9 based on the standard package, unless otherwise agreed.

2. Domain Name

You will need to register a domain name before it can be used with the new website. There are many online companies offering such services for a relatively low upfront cost.

You will need to inform us of the domain name when contacted by our Design team. This is what will attach to the new website and email accounts.

If you have multiple domain names in use we can assist and advise on this also.

3. Email Accounts

The hosting account includes optional email accounts, provided by ‘Cloud Heroes’. This is especially useful for new businesses which do not yet have any. Or you may wish to move away from your existing email provider and keep everything under one roof.

The standard offering includes up to 15x pop3/IMAP email accounts with a 2gb storage capacity each. This is covered under the price of the website package we provide.

If you would like email accounts you will need to let us know what you need, such as sales@, lettings@, info@ and so on. You can provide us with this information when contacted by the Design team.

*Please note, upon switching email provider at the end of the project you will experience some minor disruption to service for around 24 hours, as the service moves from one provider to another.

If you do not want to move your email accounts over to Cloud Heroes then it is perfectly ok to leave them with your existing email provider, and we will only host the website.

Need more than 15 email accounts?

No problem. Cloud Heroes can instead provide a hosted exchange email service for a low monthly cost, and we can get this setup for you. However, because it is outside of the standard hosting package it will incur an extra charge, which will be invoiced direct to you.

4. Website Content

Ok, so you have picked your preferred website layout, registered the domain name, and made a note of any required email accounts. What next?

Before we start work on the website you will need to provide us with ALL required content and imagery. Please do not provide this to us until you are contacted by our Design team. Therefore please ensure you have met all requirements on this page and within the provided guides.

The following guides will run through all text content and imagery needed to start work on the website. Click your chosen layout below, and you will be provided with our content guide to download and populate.

Theme R1


Theme R2


Theme R3


Theme R4


Theme R5


Theme R6


Theme R7


Theme R8


Theme R9


Theme R10


Our standard 9 web pages are:

  1. Home
  2. Latest Properties (contains Expert Agent property powering)
  3. Properties For Sale (contains Expert Agent property powering)
  4. Properties To Let (contains Expert Agent property powering)
  5. Our Services
  6. About Us
  7. Request a Valuation (contains Expert Agent property powering)
  8. Register With Us (contains Expert Agent property powering)
  9. Contact Us


If you would like to adjust the standard pages to suit your business, for example instead of ‘Properties To Let’ you might prefer ‘Commercial’ instead, then please provide details alongside your content.

* Any additional pages over 9 are charged at an hourly rate of £40+vat, with a minimum of an hours charge. A quote will be provided for any extra pages once we have received all written content, or unless otherwise agreed.

We recommend no more than 20 pages in total to keep the website to a sensible size.

I already have an Expert Agent website, do I need to write the text again?

No. If you already have a website from Expert Agent and wish to use the same text content then we can simply reuse what you already have. However it is likely it will be missing other required information, so its best to use the opportunity to go through everything and give it a fresh update!


In addition to what is requested in the above content downloads, please provide us with any other imagery or graphics related to your branding, such as flyers, brochures etc. The more we have available upfront, the more we can match the website to your existing branding to achieve a consistent style throughout.

Search Engine Optimization

We will populate the website with meta tags, title tags, image alt tags, and also add schema data, compression and make sure Google can see all that it needs to as part of the build process.

However there are things which you can do to further improve search engine optimisation, such as when preparing the text content. Our SEO Guide will provide a good insight on the mysterious world of search engine optimisation, and if followed correctly will help you achieve a good position in Google without the need of expensive seo consultants!

If you already have an seo consultant who would like to provide guidance and assistance in line with your marketing campaign, then we are happy to work with them where possible to achieve a result you are happy with.


I have gathered all my content, what next?

Please save your gathered content until you are contacted by our Design department, prior to the allocated slot.

At this point we will ask you to confirm your preferred website theme, domain name, and ask if you require email accounts. We will also ask you to provide all website content and be available to answer any questions you might have. The website will be queued to start, and we will provide an estimate on when to expect a link to proof your new website.

How long will it take to build the website?

Once we have started building your new website we aim to provide a link to proof in 1 > 2 working days (we are super quick!).

However if you have requested extra pages or features then the build time may increase slightly.

When you have received the link to proof the website it will then reside with you to communicate any further requirements or adjustments. We will work with you as quickly as possible to move the website towards completion and sign off.

If you have a preferred deadline or launch date please communicate this to us at the start of the project.

When will the website go live on the internet?

When you are happy no further changes are required to the website we will provide you with a sign off form to send back. This will mark the end of the project, and prompt instructions from us explaining how to put the new website live against the domain name, including the setup of any new email accounts. This stage of the project will not be triggered unless you inform us when you are happy to sign off and ‘go live’ – which is when it will be attached to your domain name.


How long will it take to put the website live?

This can vary depending on if you are having email accounts or not.

Without email accounts a full domain transfer is not required, and therefore once a quick change has been made to the domain name it can put the new website live almost instantly.

If you are having email accounts setup this will require the ‘nameservers’ to be changed on the domain name, which can take around 24 hours to update once actioned.

*Changes to the domain do not sit under our control, and will either need to be applied by you (via the domain control panel) or by your domain registrar (being the easiest option).

Website FAQ’s

If you have another question that isn’t answered above, its possible the answer can be found on our website faq’s page below: