R2 Default Theme


Responsive Theme 2 is one of our popular themes and now adapts to desktop, tablet and mobile devices. It includes our 9 standard navigation pages along with our new property powering, which includes features such as image galleries, social network sharing capability, keyword radius search and location map, multiple property thumbnails, quick glance icons, local area information on schools, shops, hospitals etc, and negotiator information, plus much more.

It can include a large background image which works great when used with a landscape photograph. Alternatively we can apply a solid colour, gradient or pattern instead. The home page also displays a slideshow feature as standard, although a static image is also optional. This can be used to advertise services or promotions with overlaying text.

A vertical navigation means it can easily accommodate additional pages should they be required. Two ‘call to actions’ on the home page guide the user to important information – valuations and register, and these can be changed to suit. Or we can add extras if you require.

Latest Properties pull in automatically from your property software, meaning one less thing for you to maintain. The website comes with a valuation and register form as standard.

A Twitter feed is incorporated into the home page which lists your latest tweets from your Twitter account. We can change this module to show Facebook posts instead if that is your preference.