R5 Default Theme

Responsive Theme 5 has been revamped!

We felt it needed a facelift, so cosmetically, it’s a brand new design.

Providing a nice full width banner which can accommodate either an image slideshow (default) or a video loop, whichever your preference.

It includes our 9 standard navigation pages along with our new property powering, which includes features such as image galleries, social network sharing capability, keyword radius search and location map, multiple property thumbnails, quick glance icons plus much more.

Three large ‘call to actions’ on the home page guide the user to important information – valuations, register and additional services, and these can be changed to suit your preference.

The website comes with a valuation, register and viewing form as standard.

Other key features include:

Like R4 this theme will also accommodate more unusual shaped logo’s due to it not being confined to any small container. So if you have a more portrait shape logo then this may work well for you!